[Kk Star Ratings] Plugin for Displaying 5 Star Rating on Google


Have you read the article introducing Rich Snippets creation plugins on your blog? If you've read it, you probably know it right now kk Star Ratings plugin for blog to Create a 5 star review shown on Google.

Kk Star Ratings plugin use the Schemas data structure Reviews and AggregateRating to display the average score of the reviews on Google search results pages, Bing, ... It helps your site search results stand out more with the stars. evaluate. It looks like this.

Show 5 star reviews for the web on Google search results

In this article, I will guide you to install and set up the Star Ratings kk plugin to help your website also have the opportunity to display star rating on Google. Start!

Instructions for installing and setting up the kk Star Ratings plugin

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin kk Star Ratings Visit your web site from the WordPress.org plugin library (Hint: Instructions for installing the plugin for WordPress).

Step 2: Access to WordPress Dashboard -> kk Star Ratings to proceed with the setup for the plugin.

General tab

You should see the following items to set up:

Set in the General tab


  • Status: Tick Active to activate plugin Star Ratings.
  • Strategies:
    • Allow voting in archives: Allows displaying reviews in categories and archives.
    • Allow guests to vote: Allow users to rate.
    • Unique votes (based on IP Address): Limit each IP address to only 1 rating.
  • Manual Control: Select Posts, Pages if you want to insert a review manually in your theme using the code echo kk_star_ratings();.
  • Disable Locations: Exclude categories that do not want to show star rating.
  • Disable Categories: Exclude categories that don't want to show star ratings.
  • Default Position: Select a location to display star reviews on the web. You can position it on the bottom left, right, middle, as you like.

Rich Snippets tab

This is the setting section to decide whether to display a star on search results or not.

Set up Rich Snippet display on Google

If you Do not tick the Active button it means your site still shows reviews for users but on Search results will not show the star rating.

The purpose of our plugin for kk Star Ratings is to show it star rating on Google. So the advice is to tick the Active section and leave the parameters below as shown in the image above.

Appearance tab

This section to set the color, display size of the starred item on your web.

Set up the star rating display on the site

This section you can set up according to your web interface. You can freely change the color and size accordingly. The only note is that the Stars section should be 5.

Bonus: Currently, the new kk Star Ratings plugin is not very nice. If you want to display the same as on your blog, you can set up like the above and then add the CSS below to the style file of the theme you are using is OK.

OK, got it After setting up the tabs as above, remember to save and go to the website to check if it is ok.

Remember, not having to install and set up the Star Ratings kk plugin, then on Google search results will show star rating right away. You have to wait a while for Google to update your web.

see more: Instructions to create FAQ Schema for web display on Google search

Display review items in any location with shortcode

The kk Star Ratings plugin has shortcode support so you can insert a star rating item anywhere in the article.

To use, you only need to insert this shortcode (.kkstarratings) on the location you want to display.

Note: Remember to unmark. Inside the shortcode above.

Review Snippet Review structure for the web

After installation is complete, to know if your web has conformed to the Review Snippet structure to have the opportunity to display star reviews on Google or not, try checking this way.

Visit the page search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool Enter your web article link and click Test.

Once you have the results, check if you see an entry like this, which means your website is eligible to appear.

Check the visibility of stars on Google

How to reset the rating for the article

Creating reviews for articles on the web helps you know what the reader is saying about the article. However, if unfortunately encountered a bad situation that caused the article to be rated poorly, resetting is a must.

With the new version of kk Star Ratings plugin, to reset the rating for which article, you will have access to edit that article. You will then see the reset option on the right hand side of WordPress's Gutenberg editor as follows:

Reset star rating of kk Star Ratings plugin

You ticked on Reset Ratings Then press save article as the review will be reset from the beginning.


That's it This article I have instructed almost everything related to kk Star Ratings plugin this already. Hopefully, with these instructions, your website will be displayed with a star rating on Google search results like my blog Nguyen Hung.

If you've succeeded, please share the joy with the people in the comment box below. Also, if you need any assistance, please ask me below. I am always happy to help you!


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