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Offer VPS Vultr 2020

If you have never signed up for an account at Vultr, then you can get $ 100 free Credits from Vultr.

Just go to the link below, register an account, add a Visa Debit / MasterCard card to connect or pay $ 5 from Paypal, will be given $ 100, used in 30 days. After registering an account and entering a payment method, the account will automatically be added $ 100:

Link $ 100 Credits Vultr

If you use a Debit card, the ticket selects the deposit as shown below to not pay $ 10 credits, at this time Vultr will charge $ 1 from the card to verify the card, then they will refund.

VPS free Vultr

If you choose Paypal, you must pay at least $ 5, this $ 5 account will be used to pay VPS, whenever you want, there is no 60 day limit like this $ 100 credits.

If after declaring and validating the payment method and not seeing $ 100 in the Billing section, then go to the section Support -> Open Ticket and create a ticket (Billing question) with the following content for them to add $ 100 for offline:

“This is the first time I register Vultr Service and I want to get $ 100 Credits to try free trial first then I will pay for use after. Please help me, thanks! ”

You can also sign up for an additional $ 3 free credits (enough to run a small VPS package in 1 month) from the Twitter account connection program (instructions at the end of the post).

On weekdays, you can sign up for the $ 50 Credits program - use the 30 days below:

Vultr is currently offering $ 50 to new customers - 30-day subscription!

For $ 50 you can create the most powerful VPS packages up to 10GB RAM.

Especially, you can create Windows VPS to run as a remote computer, use it to download and upload at super fast speed!

In addition, you also get a $ 3 bonus when connecting to your Twitter Account, enough to use VPS package 512 MB RAM in 1 month (can be used longer if you delete VPS when not in use because Vultr calculated by the hour running VPS rather than intact month).

See details below!

About Installing Windows on VPS Vultr

If you need to Install Windows on VPS Vultr, please see the detailed instructions:

Install & Use Windows on VPS Vultr

No coupons required - just register your account and then use the Visa Debit / MasterCard payment method (no charge) or Paypal (pay a minimum of $ 5).

Sign up for $ 50 Credits Vultr

This promotion is combined with the $ 3 Bonus Program when you connect to your Twitter account, you can run 1 month of the highest VPS package with 10 GB of RAM ($ 50 all) and then run more than 1 month of VPS package 512 MB RAM ($ 2.5 / month ).

See registration details according to the instructions below.


In addition to the $ 50 gift program for 30 days in February 2019, Vultr often has the following promotions:

  1. Duplicate Credits: if you pay $ 5, you will get an extra $ 5, up to $ 100 (if you pay $ 100, you get an additional $ 100).
  2. $ 25 free gift for 12 months: you can run continuously for 11 months the lowest VPS package of Vultr.
  3. $ 3 free when connecting to a Twitter account: apply at any time, for all old and new accounts.

Programs 1 & 2 usually stop for a while and then reopen continuously every year.

So VHW recommends that, if you register to receive a $ 50 promotion for 30 days, use only one payment method, Paypal or Visa Debit / MasterCard Debit.

Save the remaining method to sign up for promotions when Vultr reopens 1 & 2.


As DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr There are programs to offer Credits to new customers by registering an account via Paypal or Debit Card.


Step 1 - Sign up for a new account at the Vultr homepage

Go to Vultr's Promotion homepage, you only need to enter your Email and Password, note that the pass must be strong enough (including uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers) otherwise Vultr will force you to enter again.

Note, if you do not see the information for $ 50 Free credits, just register normally, then we will create a ticket to support Vultr add for this $ 50 Credits Freetrial.

Vultr offers $ 25 free VPS
Note that the Password is strong enough (over 16 characters - including uppercase - lowercase - numbers and special characters, for example @ hay! ...

The site will go to the account management page, the Billings section

Step 2 - Enter the Payment Information

You will enter Debit Card information and coupon as the instructions below

Enter Visa Debit information to sign up for free Vultr VPS
$ 25 is the old program - From the beginning of 2019 you will receive $ 50

Postal code please refer here.

Note the Credit Card Details section entered correctly. The Your Name section should match the name on your Visa / MasterCard to avoid getting cumbersome confirmation later. For Billing Address, you can fill out whatever you like.

  1. Card Number: Visa Debit / MasterCard card number
  2. Expiration Month / Year: expiry date of the card
  3. Security Code: CVV security number, the last 3 digits are not hidden on the back of the Debit card
  4. Deposit: the amount you want to withdraw from the card to deposit into your account. If you don't want to make a deposit, choose Just want to link my credit card , Vultr will still charge (withdraw) a few dollars to authenticate your account, a few days later will return to your card.
  5. Enter Code: no need to enter anything because Vultr has donated $ 50 to you already.

Done remember to tick I Agree of the Term of Service then press Link Credit Card to complete. You will be directed to the VPS creation page. But do not rush, get $ 3 through the Twitter account connection program as instructions step 3.

Step 3 - Create a ticket to receive $ 50 Free Credits

Go to Support -> Open New Ticket to open a Ticket support, and enter the following (select Billing support):

Subject: Help me get Free trial Credits


I'm new customer of Vultr. I want to try Free trial before pay for.
Please help me add $ 50 freetrial credits to my account.
Thanks so much!

As shown below:

Create Vultr ticket

Create Vultr ticket

After 4 -> 12 hours. Vultr will add $ 50 Credits to your account, the number of credits will appear in the section Billing.

Step 4 - Connect Twitter to receive $ 3 more credits.

Connect Twitter to get free VPS Vultr

Come on in this link choose Verify Your Twitter to log in to Twitter (must be a Twitter account that is not connected to Vultr yet, you can ask your friend's account) - then follow Follow Vultr and Twitter, each step you will receive $ 1, a total of $ 3 !

After successfully registering your account with Visa Debit / MasterCard, you can make another similar account but register with your Paypal account.


VHW does not encourage you to register multiple accounts at Vultr because if detected, the whole account will be blocked. If you already have an account here and still want to sign up, Please note preparing the information below:

  • All registration information such as email, address, phone number must be different for an existing account.
  • You must clear the browser cache and use other Internet to avoid detecting the same ip with the old account.
  • Payment information must (Paypal Account / Visa Debit Card) must not be used at Vultr at any time.
  • If you use a Visa Debit / MasterCard to register, you should use Techcombank, Sacombank, Vietcombank, and ACB cards to be easily accepted. Refer here.

Register form with Paypal, to activate your account, you must pay a minimum of $ 5 from Paypal, this amount will be used to pay VPS after using the $ 28 gifted by Vultr, of course if you can submit More than $ 5 if you like!

Step 1 - Sign up for a new account (like part A) at Vultr

Step 2 - Enter your Paypal payment information

In this section, select Paypal and select Other and enter $ 5 or greater if you like (note the minimum must be $ 5).

Sign up for Vultr with Paypal
$ 25 is the old program - From the beginning of 2019 you will receive $ 50

Then choose Pay with Paypal To switch to the Paypal payment gateway, please login to your Paypal account to complete the minimum deposit of $ 5 to your Vultr account.

Continue Connect your Twitter account as part B to get another $ 3 Credits. So with $ 5 paypal deposited, along with $ 50 bonus and this $ 3, you have $ 58 credits.


Vultr is a great VPS service that is great for Vietnamese users ... promotions and offers for customers are much more generous than competitors, take advantage of promotions suitable for you and fast quickly experience this great VPS service!

Good luck!

See more Part 2 - Instructions to create and manage VPS Vultr