WP Engine vs SiteGround choose which server is better


WP Engine vs SiteGround choose which server is better - When it comes to choosing a managed WordPress provider, there are a few key aspects to look out for. Using performance tests, surveys, and other objective data will highlight the important differences between these two servers and make the best choice for your site.

In this post we will compare WP Engine with SiteGround in terms of features, performance, customer support and pricing. Then share tips on choosing a provider. Where to begin!

Features: Both provide many useful features

If you have narrowed down potential web servers to SiteGround and WP Engine, features are an important factor in decision making. Both have very useful tools for creating high performance WordPress pages that are not available with other providers.


The homepage of WP Engine.

  • Integrated caching via Varnish and Memcached to increase performance.

  • Access to Genesis Framework and over 35 StudioPress Genesis subtopics.

  • Connect to Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Git for advanced development.

  • Three separate staging environments, set up with one click.

  • Automatically update and backup WordPress.

  • Migrate simplified with the Automated Migration plugin.

  • Free content distribution network (CDN) and SSL certificates.

  • GeoTargeting to create content specifically for places.

  • The dedicated WooC Commerce plugin package with important tweaks (like optimizing database queries) is great if you're hosting a WooCommerce.



SiteGround homepage.

  • Free WordPress site transfer through SiteGround Migrator plugin.

  • Automatic WordPress installation for new users.

  • Integrated caching and other performance improvements through optimized SG plugin.

  • A server firewall protects against common security issues

  • Automatic WordPress updates and daily backups.

  • Including CDN and SSL certificates.

  • Advanced development tools, including Git integration.

  • Unlimited email accounts with your website domain.

  • Create web pages with just one click.

The feature set of both servers is similar in many respects. The main differences are access to StudioPress, WPT's GeoTargeting, and SiteGround's email service, server firewall. It is also useful for managing and maintaining WordPress sites, based on which aspect is best for your site's preferences and needs.

Performance: Both load in less than two seconds


Solid performance is a necessity for the success of any website. It affects not only experience (UX), but also search rankings. Choosing a server that cannot keep up with the performance needs of your site will affect both conversion rates and page visibility.

We had the opportunity to run performance tests for a number of popular vendors, including WP Engine and SiteGround. Also selected Pingdom and installed new WordPress to test page speed at different locations around the world. Here is the result:

WP Engine

  • New York: 1.61 seconds.

  • Melbourne: 1.67 seconds.

  • Stockholm: 1.60 seconds.


  • New York: 0.645 seconds.

  • Melbourne: 1,563 seconds.

  • Stockholm: 1.39 seconds.

Of course, this is only one aspect of performance but even so, the competition between these two platforms is quite tight.

For example, test results for Melbourne and Stockholm differ by less than 0.3 seconds. Also, in a full second separating the two New York page speed servers, this is not a deal engine. Further testing will shed some light on why this will happen, and choose a different data center that can change everything.

Overall, regardless of how the scores compare to each other, both servers have speeds in under two seconds - ideal for high quality UX. In addition, the uptime screen shows that both servers have 100% website access for users:

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Support: Both have good grades, but WP Engine may be a little better


Customer support is important, because you will want them accessible in the event of a problem with your site.

Also, when looking at managed WordPress hosting packages, it is helpful to consider the service provider's knowledge of the WordPress platform. One benefit of these types of plans is that they are reserved for WordPress users. Access should be included to help with WordPress related issues.

In 2018, we conducted an extensive survey of the quality of popular WordPress hosting. More than 800 WordPress users have participated and considered the state of support from a variety of hosting servers. Here are the scores for WP Engine and SiteGround:


Overall support rating: 4.7.

Support rating specific to WordPress: 4.5.

WP Engine:

Overall support rating: 4.7.

Support rating specific to WordPress: 4.7.

With scores equal to or above 4.5 in all categories, you can expect high quality support no matter which server you choose. In fact, these two servers topped the list of any server in our survey.

Since they are linked for general support, we have to turn to their WordPress support points to determine which one excels. WP Engine has a small advantage here, although both of these servers are highly knowledgeable and are well suited for those who need guidance when using the platform.

Pricing: SiteGround is more affordable

Of course, fancy features, high performance scores, and outstanding customer support don't matter if you can't afford to pay in the first place. Price is probably the deciding factor between your choice of WP Engine vs SiteGround.

Looking at WP Engine packages, which cost as little as $ 35 per month, might not be suitable if you're looking to host your site on a budget:


On the other hand, affordable Siteground on the board. The lowest tier plan is only $ 3.95 per month with promotional pricing ($ 11.95 per month later), and includes email services, Siteground Migrator plugin, automatic updates and backup, a free CloudFlare CDN fee, and a free SSL certificate:


Unless you plan to spend large amounts of changes on a premium theme and consider access to more valuable StudioPress themes, SiteGround will cost quite a lot of budget. Considering the fact that you will get most of the same features with nearly a third of the cost at SiteGround, it's hard to justify the price tag of WP Engine if you consider everything differently.

However, there are some other you want to consider when choosing one of these packages. While SiteGround's GoGeek package handles about 100,000 hits per month, the WP Engine scale package takes 400,000. Also, if you have a very large site with high traffic, their Custom package is what you need to support millions of visitors.

WP Engine vs SiteGround: Which platform is best for you


For most comparisons between WP Engine and SiteGround, these two servers displayed quite similar results. Both show very strong results when compared to other vendors, especially when it comes to site performance and customer support.

When it comes to choosing one of these two servers for your WordPress site, the decision will be on the features and price. As mentioned earlier, WP Engine has more than 35 StudioPress themes with hosting packages as well as GeoTargeting to personalize your site based on location. In contrast, SiteGround has a solid firewall for additional security and email archiving.

In terms of pricing, SiteGround's low-cost packages will be an attractive option for many budget sites. Except for those with large pages with six figure traffic While they're expensive, WP Engine Scale and Custom packages will be what you need here to support your site.

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Home hosting services are indispensable to the success of the WordPress site. Choosing the right platform is not easy and you have to research each vendor on one field.

We compared two of the best managed WordPress servers on four main aspects. If you are still trying to decide between WP Engine and SiteGround, keep the following points in mind:

  • WP Engine is well suited for large websites with a lot of traffic, although StudioPress themes and its GeoTargeting features also make it worthwhile for users who want to keep as many aspects of the website as possible.

  • SiteGround offers premium features at low prices to everyday WordPress users. Their email hosting, server firewall and other features have everything you need to create a secure and professional WordPress site.

Do you have any other questions about choosing between SiteGround vs WP Engine?

Let us know in the comments section below!