How to create subtitles for videos on Facebook effectively


How to create subtitles for videos on Facebook_ Over 100 million hours of video will be viewed on Facebook daily! Over 92% of the hours are videos that are watched without sound.

This means that if you do not include subtitles for the video, you miss a huge audience that will actually consume the content. But they don't, because they simply don't understand it. Make sure to implement subtitles or closed captions on your videos or make them so simple that they don't need them. You can have a video without subtitles that works well, just with regular audio / audio overlays, however most of the time you can increase your English and TLB with subtitles.

Facebook automatically allows adding Video Play features. This means that as you scroll through your news feed, videos will automatically play without clicking on them. This is where your subtitles play a huge role. Remember, 92% watch without sound. That's a lot.

Fortunately, there are many ways for you to create your own subtitles.

When we put the subtitles on the video, we were using the YouTube integration tool. It's easy and free as long as you have a Google account (for example, G-mail).

How to create subtitles for videos on Facebook

Step 1 - Upload your video


If you are logged in with an account, you must first upload the video. This happens by pressing the video camera icon with the i mark and then uploading the Video. Just a normal youtube upload process. You will then be met by the page you need to upload, where you simply click the big icon and select your video. We are now ready to put the subtitles in!

Step 2 - Find the video manager

Find your subtitle video manager like the one shown above. Click to Subtitles / CC to get started.


After uploading your video, move to the video administrator. It is located in the right corner, which we emphasize in the picture.

Then press the Subtitles function. This is the last feature you see at the top, highlighted in red on the image. You should choose to create new subtitles and you will be forwarded to the page where you can use the tool.

Step 3 - Identify the layout

Part 1: Here you add fields to your subtitles. You should choose to add them in writing or not. They automatically find a location near your cursor (the red line in point 3), depending on when YouTube recorded the audio in the video. The first time you open the tool, there will be many spontaneous schools proposed by Youtube. You can only delete them if they are inappropriate.


Part 2: Here you will see timeline when subtitles will be played. If you press play, you change this, so that it matches what you said in the video. In the same box, you also add / edit subtitles if you don't add them in the wrong place or make mistakes.

Part 3: Here you can see how your subtitles will play in the video. By clicking and holding the edge of the boxes, you should change the length of time and text that is played. You also see the change in the timing of the paragraph. In your subtitles, you will see the audio levels from your video.

Step 4 - Time to do subtitles

Start your video and stop to review some of the elements. Here, your red line from point 3 will follow, to indicate how far you are. Once you've added your text to paragraph 1, you can edit the timeline by clicking the box below the video. Due to the reaction time, you may need to pull it back a bit, so it will be played a bit earlier. Here you can see the sound level, to adjust. If more than one word is added, just add a new word and add it.

Step 5 - Download your work

To download your subtitles, just:

Touch ‘Actions’

Select .srt

Step 6 - Archive

Now, go to the Facebook page and create a message like you usually do where you upload videos or create more videos.

To link your subtitles and videos, go to the 4th menu in the right corner.

The important thing when uploading your subtitles is that you name the file correctly. For Facebook to read what language is being spoken, name it with .da_DK after the Danish name or use .en_EN to speak English.

This could be for example: captions.da_DK or captions.en.EN.

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Once you have uploaded your subtitles, remember to change the default language to the appropriate language (Danish, Dutch, English, etc.). Facebook will also suggest it when you click the button.

You can upload all the subtitles you want if you want them in multiple languages. Facebook will match your text with the user's default language setting.