How to start a website and 5 ways to promote your site


How to start a website and 5 ways to promote your site - There should be a good idea on how to start a website and make it as you wish. However, for a website to work, it needs customers - referred to as ‘Traffic’ online. Getting a website listed on a great tool like Google is great, but is there any other way to promote the website?

People who maintain great websites, but don't get the amount of readers needed to make it worthwhile. Your website is the most interesting in the world, but it will still fail to gain access to a loyal audience!

Tell people about the website! Scream for them to hear you! People don't know how to do that. Lots of ways to promote, start with the ways that attract the most readers.

Main tip: Get started right away.

Start promoting when you have written your first post. Don't wait until there are more tracks, because it takes time to get everyone's attention! Why do you think advertising on TV is so repetitive - because it takes time for people to get used to the product and decide to try it out. If so, then there is no market for this type of advertising.

When you promote the website, you are promoting it. It takes time to get results, so get started as soon as you have an article written and published - but making it a good article will interest readers. Only you can do this. Try it out with family and friends: do they think it will convince them to bookmark the website and follow every post?

That said, look at the best ways to promote an online website.

  1. Social media


Choose popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and social bookmarking sites like Technorati, Delicious, Reddit and BlogBookMark. If you do not use these websites for promotion then you are losing a large percentage of readers. Let us consider individually:

Facebook: Creating a Facebook account is a great way to interact with their readers outside the article. If there are other authors, follow them and send them a Friend Request. Every time you publish a static post or page, make sure you post a link to this page on Facebook. You do this with both your personal Facebook account and your business page.

Twitter: Also, need other people in the market to follow you - and make sure you tweet each time you post - with a link to the post in the tweet!

Pinterest: If images are a website related aspect, then make sure you have a Pinterest account. You pin pictures on the board and attach a link on each image.

BlogBookMark: This is a social website just for anyone looking for topics that interest them. Users select the search box and BlogBookMark searches the web to select articles of conversations and news related to the keyword used. You benefit greatly by adding articles to this page.

Other social bookmarking: Publish original articles and posts on social bookmarking sites like Blinklist, Reddit, Delicious and Technorati. Many people use such sites to find articles in areas of interest.

Social media help readers find websites and also let you communicate and interact with them. This is the best way to get a large audience. When you visit the first page of Google for a keyword related website, you have a great opportunity to have a huge audience. Do not perform web searches for the most popular pages and join them?

  1. Comment on other websites related to Niche


Many websites comment on the post and have a link back to your own. If you write about cat training, don't leave a link about dog training! ‘Pet training’ will be all right - think about yourself, and if you want to be taken to a dog website if you're blogging about cats!

It is also important to leave a positive review. Don't criticize other websites, because they will prevent others from clicking on your links. So always nice to comment.

Also - don't overdo it. Do not comment on each post - one or two of the 10 posts are directly related to the subject matter. NEVER use spam ‘comments’ - always add comments individually!

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  1. Guest posts


Contact other websites to see if you write a guest post in exchange for a link back to the website. Many authors will reject your request, but even if only one person agrees, you will benefit for free.

  1. Follow


If you answer the content of other websites in that segment and have a link to the post, then the so-called ‘trackback’ will have an automatic link. When others read the post you will see the link and click on the link to access your website.

Your feedback will be anything: top supplemental content that posts or is a criticism of. You have to show expertise on this topic and be considered a worth listening audience.

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  1. Forums related to your Niche


Forums are a rich source of new traffic, especially if you answer questions that no one else on the forum answers fully. Find forums related to the website's main focus and engage with them. Whenever you have the opportunity to do so, help others with their questions.