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Taskbar is the area that displays applications / software, Windows system information, such as network connection, sound, time, calendar ... In addition, for Windows 10, Taskbar also allows you to pin the icons of software, so that users can use them more quickly and flexibly.

It must be said that the Taskbar on Windows is very handy, you can quickly open the software you use often without searching, or open it on the Desktop or Start menu, you just pin it to the Taskbar. .

Unfortunately, it does not allow you to pin folders to it. And of course, in this article I will show you how to pin a drive, a folder on the Taskbar of Windows 10!

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How to pin a hard drive partition to the Taskbar on Windows

Everything has a workaround, the problem is only a method. Windows 10 users finally found a way to pin a drive's shortcut to the Taskbar on this operating system 🙂

+ Step 1: First, you open File Explorer Up using the key combination Windows + E and locate the drive you want to Pin to the Windows 10 Taskbar.

After you have identified the hard drive partition, in the window File Explorer you clicked This PC => Next right click on the name of the hard drive to pin on the Taskbar => and select Create Shortcut.

For example, here I choose the drive E: It's a Game Drive 😀

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+ Step 2: Immediately after clicking Create Shortcut, you will be told by the system that you cannot create shortcuts here, and instead of creating here, shortcuts will be created outside the main screen => press YES to agree.

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+ Step 3: Go back to the main screen, now you will see a shortcut with the drive icon on Windows 10 and the name of the hard drive partition you have just selected to create the shortcut, its display is New Volume (E) - Shortcut.

Next, right click on this icon => and select Properties to open the setup window.

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+ Step 4: Switches to the tab Shortcut, in section Target please add exlorer in front of the section Target Default of this shortcut => then press Apply.

This will do File Explorer Access your hard drive when you click to run this shortcut.

explorer E:

Inside: E: is the hard drive partition you want to access quickly.

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+ Step 5: Immediately, the original drive icon will turn into a Windows 10 File Explorer door icon.

If you want to change this icon, please click Change Icon. In the window to select this new icon => you enter the address box this line:

% SystemRoot% System32 SHELL32.dll

=> And select an icon you like in the box below => and then press OK => and OK again to complete. Or if you do not like it, so be it, it's okay 😀

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+ Step 6: Now it's simple, just drag it down to the Taskbar with your mouse, or right-click on that icon => and select Pin to taskbar come on.

Now with just one click, you can access the hard drive partition you want!

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Yes, so I have finished with you how to GHIM hard drive partition or any folder on the Taskbar on Windows 10 already. You can do the same for the folder.

A small trick, but extremely useful and easy to perform, easy to use, right friends. If you find it good, don't forget to rate this article, share it for everyone to know! Hope it will be helpful for you. Good luck !

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