Personal Backup 6.0 Full - Software to copy data from Windows data

Personal Backup 6.0 is a handy and reliable program that can back up your files and folders in a group of simple steps, giving you full control over the operation.

There are many similar utilities on the market, which can give you a richer range of features but they come with a fee, which Personal Backups don't require to do their job.

Personal Backup 6.0
Personal Backup 6.0

Personal Backup There is an intuitive interface that stores several buttons and toolbars created by shortcuts to the most common and interesting functions of the application. What impressed us during the time we tested Personal Backup is the two different approaches it is for beginners and advanced users. The previous catalog is provided with a step-by-step wizard that guides you through the entire process, while the previous catalog provides a more complex way to configure the versions. backup.

You can back up data from removable or removable drives, FTP or Windows network servers, unlimited number of backups. By default, the program handles all subfolders of the specified directory, but exceptions can be defined to exclude or include any subfolders, as you wish.

install Personal Backup 6.0
install Personal Backup 6.0

Personal Backup 6.0 can be performed on demand or on a predefined schedule, and is set to launch when the computer boots up. Alternatively, you can choose from four different backup types: copy, complete, different (compare the two directories and only save the latest data), and ascend (back up the changed files from the copy). backup last). Other highlights include custom compression rules, file encryption, file synchronization, as well as options to copy file permissions or to perform integrity checks on backups.

In general, Personal Backup appears as a great utility with all the features for everyday users, can backup and restore data in simple steps, easy to follow.

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