Precise CPU Stress 1.25 - Software intensive CPU, RAM testing

Precise CPU Stress 1.25 Exactly can strain the system to be adjustable and vary based on CPU and RAM usage. Use resources shown on the chart. The software can analyze your computer's internal processes and also provides a good basis for performance and stability testing.

Precise CPU Stress 1.25
Precise CPU Stress 1.25

The exact idea of ​​CPU Stress is based on the CPU Stress component of myProcesses software and can be considered an upgrade of it. The software continuously displays the stress level of the Computer Basic Resources (CPU, RAM, Disk) in the last minute with a resolution of a few seconds. The current size of pagefile.sys is displayed at the bottom of the window.

CPU stress can be started with the CPU Start button. CPU stress level can be changed at any time. Stop button The CPU stops the stress test. Exit button, Exit menu and ESC button immediately stop all stress tests, close each window and close the program.

Precise CPU Stress setup 1.25
Precise CPU Stress setup 1.25

Precise CPU Stress 1.25 can be started with the Start RAM button. A new window called Memory Bomb appears. Memory Bomb starts the RAM stress test based on the level set in the RAM Stress menu. In the Memory Bomb context menu (Next level), the RAM stress can be increased by 5%, up to 95%.

CPU stress Correctly supports Windows 7/8/10 operating system.

  • In the case of 32-bit operating systems, RAM stress is not supported.
  • Get free.
  • Doesn requires installation.
  • Use the software at your own risk!

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