What is Neteller e-wallet - How to register and verify

What is Neteller e-wallet?

NETELLER is a world-renowned payment system that is available in nearly 200 countries, and is accessible in 16 languages. The speed, reliability and security of money transfer services have been appreciated by millions of users. Neteller e-wallet is an online payment tool that allows currency transactions to be carried out on financial markets such as Forex, Stock or BO, etc. in an extremely convenient, fast and safe way. , ensuring the privacy of users' personal information or bank accounts.

Skrill and Neteller e-wallets are owned by the same parent company - Paysafe Group. Therefore, the policies and features of both wallets are similar and you can transfer money between these two types of wallets.

Neteller security

Security is one of the company's top criteria. NETELLER is managed by FCA and operates in full compliance with the stringent requirements of this organization. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - The financial management agency is a service to oversee the operations of financial institutions in the UK. The organization is involved in anti-money laundering, fraud protection and security protocols.

Advantages of Neteller

  • Money transactions are made between users without specifying the bank details (e-mail required only).
  • An account can be opened in any of the 28 supported currencies.
  • Immediate payment of goods and services on the Internet.
  • Cryptocurrency service.
  • Earn points from loyalty services and completed transactions (Rewards Point), which can be exchanged for money.
  • Reliable and safe.
  • VIP status system to reduce or free transactions.

Introduction to VIP Neteller

VIP Neteller includes 5 types of Vip in ascending ranks: Vip Bronze (Bronze Vip); Vip Silver (Vip Silver); Vip Gold (Golden Vip); Vip Platinum (Platinum Vip) and Vip Diamond (Diamond Vip). The higher the vip status, the more favorable conditions of using Neteller.

Benefits of a Neteller VIP account

Protection from scams

If you lose money due to fraudulent activities with your NETELLER account, the company will refund 100% of the damage.

Reduce currency exchange fees

NETELLER VIP account holders will have to pay lower fees for currency transfers.


If you are in a VIP status of Silver or above, you can open additional accounts in other currencies. This will provide an opportunity to save money on exchanges when traveling abroad or when paying for purchases on foreign websites.

Transaction limit will be extended

For example, for VIP Bronze PRO status, the limit is $ 50,000.

Reward points - loyalty program

For any transaction, the VIP account owner will receive Rewards Points: for every $ 1 or other equivalent value, 1-1.5 points will be awarded (depending on VIP status). Accumulated points can be used to pay for goods or be converted into money. NETELLER also accrues annual bonuses for using the payment system.

How to register for a Neteller wallet

Step 1: Register for a Neteller account by clicking on the link: https://www.neteller.com/

Note: if you turn on the VPN, the account will automatically lock once opened. So turn off the VPN first!

Fill out the registration form. Please note that all data are entered unsigned.

(1) Enter your name
(2) Enter first and last name
(3) Enter your Email address
(4) Create a password: it must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter, as well as a number or other character.

Then click the "REGISTER NOW”.

Step 2: Select currency and country of residence

(1) Select your country (where you reside)
(2) Choose your currency

Then press "SAVE".

Step 3: Enter your personal details. This information needs to be accurate or you will not be able to verify your account successfully.

Complete the following fields:

1): Select your birth date
2): Select gender
3): Enter the address (Note: To verify the account, you should enter the address where you have verification documents such as paper from a bank or electricity, water bills ... to use verification later. address.)
4): Select a City name
5): Choose a Province name
6) Enter the postcode (this you check on google is out right away)
7) Enter the phone number

Then click the "tiếp tục".

Step 4: Remember the security ID information (transfer code).

You will be assigned a 6-digit security ID. It will be required to confirm transactions on websites and when entering an account via a mobile application. Or write this number somewhere and memorize these 6 digits.

To finish, click on the "tiếp tục".

Done. You have successfully registered a Neteller account. You can receive and transfer money now. However, your trading limit is only $ 150. To increase that limit and use all the features of Neteller, you need to verify your account.

How to verify your Neteller account

To verify your Neteller account, you need to perform 2 steps: Identity verification - Address verification.

1. How to verify identity with Neteller

Please select one of the documents below that you want to use for verification.

(1) Passport
(2) Identity card
(3) Driver's license

In the following example, I use identification.

Neteller will ask you to take a photo of both sides of the paper of your choice. Click "choose file" to send the image (front is front, back is back).

Finally, take a picture of yourself holding a Neteller note paper and the day / month / year of the registration day.

2. How to verify residency with Neteller

There are 2 ways to verify your residence with Neteller as follows:

Method 1: Geolocation: Turn on the location of the browser for Neteller to check your location on Google Map for automatic, extremely quick verification. But note that you must be near the address you wrote in step 3. Remember to turn off the VPN when you reach this step.

Method 2: Upload documents: You need to upload any documents that have the full name and address as you registered in step 3 that have been issued within the past 90 days. For example, electricity bills, bills, documents confirming addresses from banks ...

If you use Method 1, the browser will automatically display the message in the upper left corner. Select Allow or Allow:

If you use method 2, you will need one of the documents listed below and select the document you want to upload.

(first). Select the type of document

(2) Click on "Upload files”To upload document images. Then click the "tiếp tục" to complete.

Note: If you register with the link attached at the beginning of the article, the verification process will only take 24 hours, but if from other links, the process may take up to 5-7 days.