Luminar 4 2020 Full Active - Photo editing software

Luminar is definitely ranked among the best photo editing software you can have right now and we are at a time when image editing tools are going in many different and interesting directions - and Old tools like Photoshop are no longer the only way to edit your photos. Luminar and other Photoshop rivals are also inexpensive, so while there are a few free alternatives, and some of the best free photo editors aren't bad, you should definitely dig into your pocket. a suitable commercial product.

Luminar 4
Luminar 4

The AI ​​Sky replacement is the most spectacular example. Not only does it identify the sky in an outdoor setting, it selects all the tiny bits between the branches and around the trees, the edges of buildings and roofs, hillsides and mountains - and it 'recognizes' Every bit of the sky without resorting to a single click. It goes beyond the usual automatic selection tools, even eliminating edge halos, edge artifacts and transitions, bypassing all the tedious and precise selections, feathering, edge shifting, face masking and All other alternative materials of sky replacement technique.

And then, the Luminar AI AI Sky replacement tool goes a step further by providing an alternative sky library to drop into your image (or you can choose and download one of your own) .

Installing Luminar 4 Installation Guide
Installing Luminar 4 Installation Guide

This is not all that Luminar does. It is not only an image enhancement tool but also a powerful image editing tool in the classical sense, not only providing the usual tone, color and cropping tools, but also editing. geometry, rough handling, image overlays and masks and a whole host of creative effects.

These adjustments and effects can be applied manually using the new four streamlined Luminar 4 workspaces, or through one-click 'Look up with a combination of filters and effects. This is a great way to get ideas for effects to apply to your photos, and you'll soon build a favorites list - and of course you can create and add your own. We also have to talk about Luminar 4's built-in cataloging and browsing tools that are very fast and efficient, and while they are not as complex as Lightroom, they can be enough for ordinary users, for example.

Luminar 4 key image editing software
Luminar 4 key image editing software

The ability to use Luminar 4 as a plugin is very welcome. Very often you may want to use Lightroom to organize and process and simply switch to Luminar for its creative effects - similarly, you can use Photoshop for layers and edit and use Luminar. at the end to add a specific look.

Luminar 4 can also edit individual images not currently imported into its library, but it solves this problem in a rather strange way - you can drag single images into the application icon. to open them, but they are automatically imported into a special album and your edited changes are still stored indefinitely in the Library. So really, you're still importing these images for editing, and there's no option to save an image as a bespoke Luminar file, the old Luminar file format for re-editable images seems to have disappeared. lost.

Download Luminar 4 64bit 2020 Full Active

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Installation instructions Luminar 4

  1. Download, extract and install
  2. Copy and paste the contents into the hosts file (C: Windows System32 drivers etc)
  3. Copy all files in the Fix folder to the installation directory (C: Program Files Skylum Luminar 4)
  4. Run the reg file
  5. Finally enjoy the Luminar 4 software!