5 best WordPress plugins to add reviews to your website

In this article, we will compare the 5 best WordPress plugins, discuss the features and show you what the plugins look like in reality.

1. Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials allows you to create custom testimonial forms and add them to your website. When users submit reviews, you can preview them and select what will be published.


You can share individual reviews or set sliders with many options. In addition, the plugin allows you to set up multiple ‘views’ or custom styles, so you can use different types of reviews throughout your site.

Salient features:

  • Create and publish custom submission templates

  • Publish individual reviews or sliders

  • Create custom styles for your review

  • Add a review using shortcodes or widgets


All the features we have mentioned so far are part of the free version. The plugin also offers premium licenses, starting at $ 29 per year. Premium packages include support for multiple websites, advanced templates, custom form fields, and more.

2. Testimonial Rotator


Testimonial Rotator allows you to add manual reviews to your site. These testimonials can include some custom fields and star ratings. However, the real power of the plugin lies in the construction of the authentication sliders, which can include any reviews you receive.

However, the downside of using this plugin is user submissions, because they don't handle all of them in a multi-layered form.

You can allow adding new reviews to specific user groups through the admin interface, which is not ideal in our opinion. To set up submitting the appropriate form, the plugin integrates with Gravity Forms. However, Gravity Forms is only premium version, so you will need to open the wallet if you want to use the integration.

Salient features:

  • Set up reviews using custom fields and star ratings

  • Compile the review into a rotation tool

  • Integrate the Gravity Forms plugin into your workflow to enable user feedback

  • Allow administrator reviews for specific user roles

3. Testimonials Widget


Testimonials Widget is a great option to handle large number of reviews. The plugin allows you to set up complex taxonomies, including categories and tags, for your review. You can use those classifications to create carousels that display only the elements you want.

Carousels can include comments that you incorporate, shortcodes from third-party plugins and custom CSS. You can place personal testimonials on your pages using shortcodes or widgets, as well as full carousel.

Salient features:

  • Display individual testimonials and carousel using widgets and shortcodes

  • Include the third party plugin shortcodes as part of your carousel

  • Customize testimonials with CSS

  • Set up categories and custom tags for your review


The free version of the Testimonial Widgets plugin supports all the features we mentioned earlier. You can also purchase premium licenses starting at $ 29.99 per year for a single site, supporting enhanced slide effects.

4. Testimonial Builder


Testimonial Builder provides a much more streamlined process than other similar plugins we've seen so far. The main selling point of the plugin is the templates that help it launch your authentication designs. It comes with two free options and you can customize every element within.

You can set up multiple reviews as part of an element, then publish them together using a short code that the plugin generates. In addition, the plugin supports custom CSS code for each review.

Salient features:

  • Set up reviews with built-in templates

  • Publish individual or group reviews

  • Set up custom CSS for each review

  • Add reviews to your content using shortcodes


The free version of Testimonial Builder only includes two templates. However, with a professional license - starting at $ 14 for six months - you have access to 150 templates, which is clearly a huge increase.

5. Testimonial Slider


Testimonial Slider allows you to create reviews and place them on your website using grids or sliders. You can add as many reviews as you like and the plugin comes with a number of style customization options.

However, the plugin requires you to generate a short code for every type of review screen you want to set up. This means you still need to use the integrated shortcode generator even if you want to display a review.

Salient features:

  • Set up evaluation grid and slider

  • Create individual shortcodes for as many grid types or sliders as you like


We focus on the free version of the plugin for this comparison. However, you can also get advanced licenses that give you access to more layout options, unlimited grids, advanced sorting, and more.

The premium license for Testimonial Slider starts at $ 15 per year for a website.

Summary of the best WordPress plugins for reviews

Evaluation is one of the best ways to build trust with potential customers. People will often trust what other consumers say about traditional marketing. By empowering your customers with the way they share their thoughts, you can get more conversions.