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Life is a series of endless journeys that we can only grasp by going on.

Have you ever seen your journey gradually becoming tedious and really want to let go of it all? Do not blame life, just because we are not strong enough to make it more beautiful!

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And of course, creativity is essential to turning a path into magnificent paths. Come on, come to the main topic today: 6 methods to practice creative thinking To make life more surprising and interesting, everyone!

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#first. Changing Old Ways

Each of us has our own principles of life. This is really respectable until you are so rigid that you worship and insist on not having the flexibility to change them.

If you've recently felt that things are starting to become tasteless, maybe it's time for us to make some small differences! Do not hesitate to facilitate your creativity soaring by resetting all the old and binding principles.

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For example, if you were really passionate about your job before and thought that you would dedicate your life to it, try diverting your attention to something more healthy or meaningful: spending time. space for those who love.

Not only in the way of thinking, you can completely remake your life by changing the layout of the room, trying to go to work by new roads, or simply using your non-dominant hand in daily activities. daily.

It is certain that these positive innovations will make our brain receive information in a completely new direction, from which the creativity of each person will be strengthened and fully promoted!

#2. Listening And Caring For Others

Another interesting way to practice creative thinking is to listen and love those around you.

Ok, you may find that this has nothing to do with creativity, but let me analyze this problem ^^

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You know, we are all different individuals with different mindsets and mindsets. Understanding the people around you is a great way to accumulate a rich and vast amount of social knowledge - steel items that will help you a lot in your future life.

And the connection lies there. With sincere attention and listening, not only will you build quality relationships, but your creativity will improve and elevate more than ever before - through the diverse insights we gain. be in the process of understanding the heart.

So, be creative by loving, dear!

# 3. Never Stop Learning New Things

One thing is obvious, but many of us - including ourselves, are hesitant. It is the acquisition of new things that always exist.

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The exercise has a multitude of different ways of doing things, there is not only one color in painting, and the problems are not the only solution. But familiar things are usually easier (although sometimes it's just because we feel like that). So you are willing to reject any new idea to follow a tedious path.

Don't confine your thinking to a narrow cage. Stay on the path people have taken before - but in many new ways!

# 4. Record Ideas

Sometimes new things come when we least expect them. I firmly believe that everyone has a few times immersed in endless ideas suddenly sprouting intensely.

And I used to get so upset that I forgot all the good ideas about the upcoming project after a long sleep 🙂 After that, I thought it might be time to learn how to record everything.

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Always carry with you a small notebook and of course - another pen. So that when unexpected ideas appear, we will have enough time to engrave them and unleash waving creative areas by their own.

That's it, notes are now part of my life. Let's create and maintain this method so that our creativity can be exploited in the best way!

# 5. Spending Time With Nature

Life is really vast and there is much to discover. We were born not to cram ourselves into an empty room with a tiny screen. Step outside and feel the daily movement of nature's creation.

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You will find strange but also very familiar things when fully enjoying the beautiful scenery. That is why so many artists come to nature to find the inspiration that seems to have faded in their careers.

Being with nature not only makes us feel better in life, it also really stimulates your creative thinking through every seemingly small change!

# 6. Ready For Ideas ”Crazy

How long has it been since we last and our friends promised to make a lot of monumental impressions together?

Do not think you are out of age to "crazy". Let's gather and wake up to the perpetual creativity that has overslept the past few days. Doing things "crazy" together will make us feel like returning to the best days of our lives - the days of bliss with enthusiasm and new ego.

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Choose to climb, camp or do whatever you want with your friends. Through those journeys, you will definitely find yourself who you are, and start working on things in a new direction - smarter and more new.

### Epilogue

So we have come to know the whole thing together 6 methods to help increase your creativity in every aspect of life.

Hopefully this article is helpful for you and don't forget to share your own methods for us to discuss. Good luck !

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